We need to work together to create the change we want, and how do we do that? You and I and everyone with the passion and the believe that we can create our own tomorrow here in Nigeria on this Land. Transforming lives and the future we hope to build for this generation is an amazing feeling and a great opportunity. A challenging Cause with greater reward. But to achieve this it requires everyone and our effort and believing in ourselves that we can create our tomorrow here in Nigeria.

Our fundamental beliefs and constitutional principles of How a Society Should Function, which uniting all Nigerians both Young and Old will bring about the vision and Mission of this Organization.

Together We can build a thriving community that works. Let us build a greener pasture for ourselves here in Nigeria. Let us Build a Community that our generation and the next can be proud of. Its true we can’t change Nigeria right now. The politics and how it is today does not favor the youth or the previous generation to make a difference. But that should not limit our imagination to see beyond our limitations.

This is more reason why We are calling on you to join us to make this a reality. That is more reason why we are not asking for a handout but an opportunity we believe you will see as rewarding with the Long term land investment program and affordable housing.

United Hope Community (UHC)  is A Place to Hope, Worship, Live, Work, Play & Visit”
A Place for the Poor to achieve his/her dreams, A place for the Youth to Establish and be successful, A Place where dreams come true” A Place where Equality matters. A Place where there is Better Security, 24/7 Electricity, Clean Road, Good Health Care System, Better Schools and Above all it’s a place where Innovation Thrives.

Our values are set in the fundamental belief system and other significant documents, speeches, and writing of this great Foundation. Below are some core values.

Life: The individual’s right to Exist should never be violated.
Liberty: The right to liberty includes Personal freedom, Political freedom and Economic freedom
The Pursuit of Happiness: Happiness in your own way, so long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others.
Common Good: The belief that we are all obligated to promote the welfare of the community and to work together with others for the greater benefit of all.
Justice: People should be treated fairly in the distribution of  benefits and burdens of society and in the gathering of information and making of decisions.
Equality:  To be treated equally be it Political, Legal and Social we are all equal in every way.

UHC will offer an Impressive affordable Peaceful Suburban Living. The development will have Central Business Districts, Financial Centers, Museums, Resort and Cultural Centers with many Community Amenities.

This Community will create New Economic, Social, Business and Residential Hub– The land will be designed in creating a 21st century lifestyle community, where assistance will be available to all resident. Every resident of UHC will be provided with the opportunity to mortgage houses at an affordable price.

UHC will offer apartment for rent to individuals who want to live and work in the community. UHC will focus on building fully Connected and Integrated Infrastructure that will ensure easy Mobility for all Residents and Tourists. It will provide consistent and adequate public amenities to ensure the economic, social and welfare of its residents.


  • Independent 24/7 power supply
  • Water and Sewage treatment
  • Internet connections to every plot of land
  • Roads and sidewalks
  • Competitive land prices for potential investors
  • Adequate transportation system
  • Educational system: schools and vocational studies

As UHC main focus is to create a self sustaining community. The Community will address the issue of unemployment by continuously creating, investing and bringing more Jobs to the community with the help of investors, companies and organization to keep the Economy circulating.

The Welfare program provides protection for all the resident in the community. Our common good value is the belief that we are all obligated to promote the welfare of the community and to work together with others for the greater benefit of all. That value is set in this program with rules and laws that governs this program and its fair share in distribution of benefits.

Nigeria is a great Country but our leaders are corrupt, which makes it really hard for both the youth and previous generation to live the way they are supposed to live. United Hope Ministry Concept will lead the way to a better Community that will create both opportunities and jobs for the youth and others and also create a safe environment where equality, welfare, security and many more can be provided without the interference of the government. To achieve our dreams it is for us to work together and believe that we can make the impossible possible.

Benefit for UHC Residence include:

  • Community wide Insured HealthCare Service
  • College Grant
  • Business Loan
  • Retirement Benefit
  • Unemployment Benefit
  • Free Child Labor Delivery
  • Free Education from Primary School to Secondary School
  • Free Medical Care From infant to age 18
  • And Many More

Why Choose US

We provide many services that goes above and beyond those of other charity Organization. We Impact life directly with a lifetime solution than a temporary solution that could still eventually take the beneficiary back to the beginning. Our Goals Our Aim is focus on Restoration.

Quote by Us

“To be great is not to question your thought, but to accept the challenges of achieving Greatness”

“The Future is Not Certain if We Fail to Innovate the Solutions to our Problems”