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As an established Non-Profit Organization dedicated to lose it selves in the service of others. We hope that you will support our organization this year with a monthly donation to our Monthly fundraising campaign. We cannot stand the thought of turning away individuals who need our services. United Hope Ministry can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from members of our community each month, Without these donations, serving those in need would not be possible. Since our organization relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations like you. We write to ask you to consider a donation to our cause. All Funds raised will be used towards our programs dedicated to helping the Less Privileged, Refugees and Homeless. Donations will help sustain our organization and benefit the community which we serve. Programs Currently Available: Daily feeding program which provides three square meals a day for Less Privileged people for a token amount. Giving away free food once every two weeks to feed the Less Privileged people in our community. Programs Soon to be Available: Monetary Assistant Program for Less Privileged families in need. Vocational School Program to keep both School Sat, Less Privileged families and undergraduate Student to Learn other trade and gain more field experience in their area of interest. Small Business Micro Finance to assist those who wish to establish a trade after finishing with the program. This helps create Jobs and help those other trained to be employed. Affordable Housing for the homeless, Refugees and Less Privileged families in search of a new home. Farming Initiatives: Food is essential to life. And Farming is the key to killing hunger and giving hope to those who need it. The farming initiative will grow many crops and poultry. To give back to the community. Many more will be announced as times goes by.