Why you should join the mission

Every worthy individual should be a part of this mission. Working to help others is a task giving to you and i, to create an impact in the life of many. The smile you put in a young girl face, the hope you give to a child in need. That alone should be why you should join us. Working at UHMC means collaborating on breakthrough strategies with some of the smartest, most passionate people you will ever meet.  Plus you’ll have incomparable opportunities early in your career for direct impact on the social sector.

Mission & Values Driven Colleagues

Our people come from different disciplines and backgrounds, but they all share an energy, ambition, and drive to make a meaningful difference in the world.

The Potential to Help Create a Better World

We focus on the social sector and provide the opportunity to interact with the most influential leaders of today—and tomorrow.

Opportunities for Growth

We are committed to helping employees at all levels gain differentiating experience and build crucial skills they can use
throughout their careers.

Committed to Diversity

We believe that reflecting the diversity of our clients and their beneficiaries translates into deeper relationships and insights.

Strategies for Breakthrough Impact

We carefully select high-impact projects and work hard to develop the most effective strategies for change.

Our Culture

Our teams collaborate with our clients and with each other so that everyone can contribute. Our work has meaning with real social impact.

Current Openings

Sales Associate

Essential Functions:

  • Meeting and making a connection with Business Organizations, for monthly financial contribution towards our organization, and giving options and advice on meeting those needs.
  • Inspiring Business Organizations to Donate, providing the Business our proposed incentives, and creating a lasting positive impression of you.
  • Ensuring that you come fully prepare and ready to sell our organization to businesses.
  • Maintaining your selling point presentations, and using what works best to convince every Business Organization you come across. 
  • Learning our systems and procedures to enhance efficiency and complete support duties
  • Responsible for achieving minimum requirement of three paid Business Donors Monthly to qualify for salary at the end of each month. Meeting up more than three Donors per month is also allowed.
  • Maintain a professional attitude with sincerity and enthusiasm reflecting UHMC commitment to our Partners – the most important people in our Organization.


  • Education/Experience:  Previous sales experience preferred, but not required
  • Communication Skills:  Strong interpersonal and communication skills.   Ability to read, write, and interpret instructional documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.  Ability to effectively communicate with customers, peers, and management.  Ability to communicate on the telephone with proper etiquette.
  • Reasoning Ability:  Ability to multi-task, while being attentive to customers and remaining flexible to the needs of the business.  Ability to work as part of a team and take initiative independent of direct supervision.
  • Other Skills:  Enthusiastic, friendly, and energetic with a genuine desire to provide outstanding service.
  • Work Hours:  Available to work a variety of hours, which may include early mornings, evenings,  and weekends.

This job description is not all inclusive. In addition, UHMC. reserves the right to amend this job description at any time. UHMC. is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment.  

Updated Date:  1/2/17

Volunteers Needed

All UHMC volunteers must be 18 years or older unless otherwise noted. Some tasks may be appropriate for children accompanied by adults; when in doubt, check in with us.
Some Volunteer will be placed on salary after a month or two commitment to the organization. Months of commitment needed is discussed with you by the Manager or the HR.Volunteer Work Days
volunteer work days are Monday to Friday at a start some will also be required to work and assist on weekend.

volunteers must be 18 years or older; children wising to volunteer are allowed, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A representative of the group is required to meet with the Director of Operations and/or Director of Volunteers prior to the scheduled work day to review details.

We’re tackling some of society’s most critical challenges. Want to help?

Work to build a better world by strengthening the ability of our mission-driven goals and philanthropists to achieve breakthrough results in addressing society’s most important challenges and opportunities.

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