UHC is a new Community that will be built in Imeko,Ogun State Nigeria, to solve the Insecurity,Health,Wealth and upbringing of families, children, refugees,  in the world’s fastest-growing Country. It is our mission to give hope with a greener pasture to those who need it most. We welcome Donations from all organization to help in development and growth of this massive Project – This will be a gateway to giving back.

Phase I

Fundraising activities

All sort of fund raising activities. Donations from the public. Savings from the participants. Organisations who can contribute to be contacted. applications for funds from Philanthropy. Donations from Churches and many more.

Phase II

Initiating and preparing the land

Starts when we acquired the Land to build our camp on. Planning of facilities, houses. Water. Energy, Security, Clinic and Camp Hospital. The second phase ends when a certain number of participants are able to permanently live at the center few month after purchase.

Phase III

Getting settled

Open up for applications and accepting individuals for Vocational School and temporary resident for Homeless individual looking to change his her life.The phase is completed when all necessary tasks in order to maintain the camp are covered.

Phase IV

Research and developement

All activities are documented and discussed around and made available to the public and published on the web. Media presents. Debate. Seminars. Spreading and enhancing experiences. Improving the development at the camp.


United Hope Ministry believes every child and families deserves a home. Not just a room and parlor, but a complete home that they can be proud of. In Nigeria Many families are left living in pure poverty, some sleep in churches at night, some sleep under the bridge some sleep at the gas station. The fact that we see this and we choose to help is not to make them lazy but to give them hope.


United Hope Ministry is dedicated to giving hope back to the hopeless by building a camp dedicated to restoring and educating individuals in all areas and walks of life. We understand the difficulty in living in an environment that limit your thinking and subject one to believe there is no way to solving once condition but to interact with bad influence to survive or become a street beggar to live. Eradicating poverty for good is not an easy task but a task that require several implementation till a true solution become vivid to everyone. We believe We have that solution and we hope the world can help us make it a reality because with clear solution we can impact thousand even millions of life. Together with donors, volunteers, partners and sponsors, we can be the solution and Impact lives.